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Our aim is simple, to provide the best diagnosis and the best treatment with the best possible outcome.


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About us

Dr Debbie Street

I am a private general practitioner with 20 years of experience working in a busy London practice. I am here to offer you and your family a friendly, efficient and convenient service, to address all of your health needs. I am a firm believer that good treatment is based on a trusting relationship. Private practice affords me the vital time needed to listen thoughtfully and assist you with a caring and holistic approach. I have a privileged network of like- minded specialist colleagues to whom I refer when necessary and who share my love of people, medicine, and excellence.

My aim is simple, to provide the best diagnosis and the best treatment with the best possible outcome.

I received my medical degree from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town with a special interest in ear nose and throat. South Africa and its rich mix of diverse cultures, posed me with a wide variety of challenges both medically and surgically. It has enabled me not to be phased by the unusual or awkward. It also confirmed for me that my passion lay in family medicine.

Transferring to the UK in 2001, offered an opportunity to immerse myself in emergency medicine and the specialty of ENT surgery. I look forward to helping you in all aspects of general practice, whether it is shared-care pregnancy, paediatrics or men and women’s health and psychiatry.

  • Dr Laura Tourame

Dr. Laure Tourame

Laure has carved a highly commendable career as a General Practitioner. After qualifying as a medical doctor with High Distinction and a Medal of Honour from The Sorbonne University in Paris, Laure pursued her passion for travel and moved to East Africa where she was appointed as the Official Reference Doctor for the French Embassy in Kampala, treating both the expatriate and local communities in the country. She played a critical role in the region, ensuring the safety and health of active personnel, as well as displaced refugees affected by conflict.

Laure has now settled in London where she is a member of Street Medical Practice, consulting in both English and French. She has a passion for the arts and the opera, which she developed though her earlier work as a medic at the Paris Opera. As a GP, Laure places a particular emphasis on wellbeing and quality of life, which was her chosen topic for her published thesis.

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